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Hiring Tips for an Improving Job Market

Mar 24, 2011, 15:19 PM by
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A recent survey by the University of Maryland and Network Solutions found 28 percent of small businesses plan to hire this year - a rate that equates to the addition of some 3.8 million new jobs. This, combined with ever-increasing entrepreneurial activity, suggests employers may need to ramp up their hiring processes. But how does a business improve its hiring? After all, it is an inherently risky and incalculable process of forming a company. Employers can start by rethinking what it is they're looking for, as it may not be what one would assume. For example, hiring people who think alike is probably not a good strategy. "Everyone thinking the same way creates efficiencies," Stephen Shapiro, author and former HR executive at Accenture, told Inc. magazine. "But today, you want innovation and growth to be competitive, and that can't happen in a monolithic culture." "When you're an entrepreneurial organization, you especially need to make sure you hire people with a broad range of styles," he added. It's also vital to consider how candidates fit in, not just with the position at hand, but with co-workers, managers and even the business community. For more on this topic visit Toolkit.com: Recruiting and Hiring Avoiding Negligent Hiring Hiring Employees