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Search Engine Advertising for Startups

Mar 25, 2011, 05:51 AM by
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For a service used by literally billions of people, search engine advertising can be relatively inexpensive - a condition that provides small businesses and entrepreneurs forming a company with a helpful and cost-effective marketing platform. However, new research suggests search advertising may not be as efficient as many assume. According to a study by the research firm User Centric, only 28 percent of users viewed the advertisements in a Google search result, and a mere 21 percent of participants took a look at the ad results in a Bing search. Both searches resulted in a total of about one second spent looking at advertising results. The report explains that the discrepancy between the two search engines is likely due to the fact that Google displays more information per search result. "Google's top sponsored results tend to have two lines of text compared to one on Bing, plus a Google Checkout button next to some of the links," explains Inc. magazine contributor Courtney Rubin. So for startups that are planning to launch a search advertising campaign, although the right-side ad column may be less expensive than paying for the ad results at the top of the page, they may also be less effective. "Put your ads above the organic search results, where the hit rate was more than three times higher and the gaze time more than five times longer than on the sponsored links on the right," Rubin adds. Are you currently using search advertising to promote your business?