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Amid Growing Space Privatization, Small Businesses Recognized

Published on Mar 29, 2011


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When people think of NASA, they probably envision a massive rocket spewing pyres of jet fuel as it ascends to the heavens somewhere in sunny Florida. But the truth is many of NASA's most spectacular and glorious moments may not have been possible without the help of small businesses. And they are likely to play an ever-increasing role in space exploration as the industry continues to privatize and NASA's federal budget continues to decline. Already, companies such as PayPal co-founder Elon Musk's SpaceX and Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin are stepping closer and closer to a world where individuals can pay to escape the earth's atmosphere. More importantly, NASA seems to be hastening this objective. The agency has been assisted by small business contracts for decades and, this week, took steps to acknowledge the sector's contributions. The Marshall Small Business Alliance in Huntsville, Alabama - the location of the Marshall Space Flight Center - was awarded NASA's Small Business Administrator's Cup Thursday for the second time in three years. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden was on hand to deliver the award and credit small companies as instruments of space exploration and national economic viability as a whole.