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Creating Greener Mailing Practices

Apr 1, 2011, 08:33 AM by
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Green tech entrepreneurs forming an LLC in the U.S. are in one of the best markets for clean energy investment. However, a Pew Environment Group study released this week shows the U.S. has fallen to third place for green energy investment, behind Germany (No. 2) and China (No. 1). Even so, the findings show the increasing value markets are placing on clean energy. But despite investment in clean technologies, everyday green practices are, for the most part, something to be desired. According to research firm Melissa Data, American companies waste 300 million pounds of paper each year - the equivalent of 6 million trees - on undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail. Consequently, the Post Office spends more than $2 billion annually to process the mail. This is one example of waste that can easily be avoided - but not without the business community's willingness. While curbing UAA mail is certainly a green initiative, there is a also a tremendous financial advantage involved. "It's also a common sense business initiative that will save both the USPS and mailers a tremendous amount of money - money better spent on job creation, product development and effective marketing," ZD Net quotes Greg Brown of Melissa Data as writing.