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Tips For Embracing the Emerging QR Code Market

Apr 6, 2011, 07:50 AM by
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Any entrepreneur starting a business is hopefully familiar with quick response codes by now. If owners do not know exactly what they are, they have probably seen the barcode-like devices in magazine ads or on coffee cups. The tiny devices can be printed virtually anywhere and scanned by smartphones to provide users with mobile content, URLs or other web-based information, creating a critical link between the print and digital worlds. From July to December of last year, QR scanning skyrocketed by a staggering 1,200 percent, according to a February report from Mobio, suggesting these unique looking barcodes are here to stay. The only question is how they will influence business, consumer and marketing trends. "And as smartphones continue their skyrocketing adoption rate - nearly 1 in 2 Americans will own a smartphone by Christmas 2011 - it is important for businesses to embrace the simplicity of the QR code as a way to enhance the customer experience, drive traffic and connect with consumers wherever they are," writes Jason Taylor for Business Insider. An added bonus is how inexpensive it is to generate a code; - there are plenty of online services that can help small business owners and new startups get their marketing foot in the door. Do you currently use QR codes to market your business?