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Cleantech Sectors Experiencing Growing Demand

Apr 7, 2011, 01:38 AM by
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Californians, perhaps more so than residents elsewhere in the country, are familiar with pushes for clean energy and environmental efficiency. But entrepreneurs forming a company in the Golden State are now beginning to see an increasing number of financial incentives for entering the clean energy market. While the economy is beginning to improve, the recession led many consumers and businesses to seek more efficient energy practices, creating demand for green consulting services. Other analysts hope California's recent AB 32 law, which pushes the state to acquire one-third of its energy from clean sources by 2020, will help to spur investment in solar or wind power. However, the term "cleantech" also refers to other green technologies such as new recycling devices and nanotechnology research, suggesting the market's range of opportunities are only expanding as these events and legislative actions unfold. "There's great opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in developing technologies, systems and services that improve energy efficiency," writes Jason Daley for Entrepreneur magazine, "like improved windows and insulation and more efficient heating, cooling and water heating; as well as energy use, like LED light bulbs."