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How to Write Effective Marketing Content and Copy

Apr 11, 2011, 08:08 AM by
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Entrepreneurs are all experts in certain fields. Some may excel at the more creative aspects of forming a company, while others may be more adept at networking and marketing. But there's one aspect that many entrepreneurs - perhaps by virtue of their own forward-thinking nature - tend to overlook: copywriting. For that matter, content creation as a whole is a subject that is evolving, growing more important and even less understood. Consider social media, for example. Posts that are popular among consumers tend to be those that are entertaining or intriguing - as well as brief. Tweets are only 140 characters long, but even that length may be more time than most readers are willing to give. "Think about headlines, subheadings, bullets, call-out boxes and other formatting tricks that will allow your readers to consume your content quickly," writes Maureen Condon in the MetroWest Daily News. "Be very clear and direct with your calls to action so they know exactly what you’d like them to do." "We all like to be led, not lost, when consuming content so guide your audience thoughtfully," she adds. Entrepreneurial activity is on the rise, but consumer confidence hasn't been keeping pace, so marketers need to find ways to merge these two trends during the economic recovery.