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A Remote Staff Can Help a Startup Scale its Size

Published on Apr 15, 2011


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The major obstacles that face rapidly growing new companies tend to be "good problems," in that they usually involve too many sales, expansion requirements or scalability issues - all of which signify a startup is on to something. For that reason entrepreneurs starting a business that is growing at an unmanageable pace may want to consider developing a virtual or cloud-based workforce - at least for some employees. "If your startup takes off and you are based in a brick-and-mortar office, you'll find yourself needing more space and working in an overcrowded and uncomfortable environment until you find it," writes Amy-Mae Elliott for Mashable. "And when you do find a bigger space, the company move could be costly and time consuming - two things a growing startup should avoid." A remote staff - whether it is made up of freelancers or full-time workers - can help a business add and remove members as necessary without much fuss. While such a setup may give workers a greater impression that they are expendable, most may actually be happier under such circumstances, as the lack of a commute will save them money while also providing them with a greater sense of freedom. Over time, remote workers may also come to work harder, as they see their position as something that only the most reliable will succeed at.