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Optimizing the Hiring Process for Startups

Published on Apr 22, 2011


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Even in a deplorable job market, with double-digit unemployment in many states and an ever-increasing field of job candidates, finding the right talent for a small business can be a difficult task. While amassing a pool of applicants is not difficult, especially in the age of Craigslist, finding - and being certain of - the right candidate requires the development of a stringent interviewing and hiring process. For that matter, interview dialogue is critical. Don't use stock questions and procedures; be unique. Throw a curve ball that catches the candidate off-guard. That way you can see their spontaneity and creativity in action. "If your candidate is able to come up with actionable plans and independently execute them, then they are very likely to provide the value that you are looking for," writes Danny Wong for ReadWriteStart. "You should also ask them circumstantial questions, giving them different scenarios and asking how they might resolve an issue." The national unemployment rate has fallen steadily since November of last year, reaching the lowest level in two years - 8.8 percent - in March. As the job market improves, startups may find it more difficult to hire top talent, so it is important that they introduce effective hiring practices now in order to benefit from them later.