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How to Get More Hits on Your Small Business Blog

Published on Jun 17, 2011


Read our article, 'How to Get More Hits on Your Small Business Blog' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.
http://www.bizfilings.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Target-and-Arrows-FLIP-iStock_000014696471Small.JPGJust about any company can benefit from having a blog. In many cases, it can help grow your business by increasing sales or your client base. In all cases, it can raise the credibility of a company — especially when you’re providing relevant, high-quality content. But writing blog posts, even good ones, isn’t enough. You also need readers. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you get more traffic on your blog, increasing exposure to your potential market. Here’s a list of tips and resources to help make your blog a successful one. Understand categories and tags: from what they do, to how to use each most effectively. A little known fact (at least I didn’t know until my Web designer told me) is that if the categories and tags you’re using aren’t actually included in your body copy, they’re ineffective in driving traffic to your blog. Why? Because without keyword content to back them up, search engines don’t give any weight to your categories and tags. Wordpress can help give you a better understanding of categories and tags. Choosing the best keywords. When we speak of keywords, we’re really talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I recommend a two-step approach with keywords and key word phrases.
  • Write your article organically, using the language of your industry. Then enter all relevant keywords into your tags (and possibly your categories if it’s a recurring topic on your blog).
  • Utilize Market Samurai’s free keyword program to determine which keyword phrases pack the biggest punch. Which words, or phrases, are going to bring you the most traffic? Market Samurai has an excellent tutorial section in their “Dojo” on how to get up to speed with their program and SEO. Next, add the high-performing keywords to your content, tags and/or categories. This helps optimize your article so it can receive better visibility on Google and other search engines — which can bring you more traffic.
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