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For Your Customers' Benefit

Published on Jun 20, 2011


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http://www.bizfilings.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Customer-iStock_000012432428Small.jpgWhen you communicate with customers, how do you talk to them? Do you make it all about your company, or all about them? It’s not that customers and clients don’t care about the integrity of your company. They do. But your business is much more likely to succeed when you front-load your conversation — no matter what your communication channel — with how your product or service benefits the customer. To some, this may seem counter intuitive, especially when your business has received awards or accolades. But a humble approach makes your company more approachable and attractive. I’m not saying not to mention it, just lead with the customers’ needs. In today’s super-busy world, you have mere seconds to effectively show your potential customers that what you offer has relevant benefits that suit their needs. To help you do this, avoid mass mailings and e-mails, as well as other random marketing techniques. In other words, do your research to determine who is likely to appreciate the benefits you offer before you attempt to reach them. Of course, you must first have a crystal-clear definition of these benefits yourself. And they have to be authentic. If you’re claiming your third-party iPhone case is the best — make sure it’s the best! Although easier said than done, when we strive to improve the integrity of our products and our business, the customer notices. Think about the people over at Pixar. This company accepts nothing short of their best. They work as a team to create fantastic, story-driven films that offer benefits to audiences of all ages. With Pixar, the benefits often go beyond “entertainment” value, touching the lives of children and adults, alike, in meaningful ways. When building a relationship with a customer, filling their need is top priority. Even if it’s a one-time transaction, an excellent experience with you can get communicated to hundreds of friends, family members and business associates on social media sites — which is just a really effective form of old-school word of mouth, right? Give your customers more than good reason to talk, and make sure that talk is positive by making it all about them. May your business always experience abundance, growth and prosperity … Business Blogs blog