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Survey Finds Small Business Owners Optimistic About Economic Progression

Published on Jun 28, 2011


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A recent survey found that small business owners are optimistic about future hiring growth, and about improved revenue in the upcoming quarter. While it still appears that small business owners are not ready to move beyond cautious optimism when discussing the economic forecast, all signs do seem to be pointing up on the heels of the TD Bank survey. "TD Bank's recent survey of small business owners further solidifies what we've been hearing from our customers over the last 12 months," said Fred Graziano, head of retail and small business banking at TD Bank. "Although they may be working longer hours, these results indicate that economic conditions are improving and may lead to higher revenues and job creation for small businesses." The survey polled 300 small business owners and found that while 51 percent claimed to be optimistic about the economy improving, a much higher 73 percent stated they expect to meet or surpass revenue projections for the upcoming quarter. According to an article recently published on BizJournals.com, sales and financial industry job openings are seeing the biggest spike in openings with 64 percent in May, compared to 34 percent in April.