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Small Businesses Receiving Assistance from Multiple Sources

Published on Jun 29, 2011


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Life preserver - iStock_000002090601SmallForming a company from the ground up can be challenging for any entrepreneur, but there is no shortage of tools available for a small business owner in want of some useful tips. Functional Marketing LLC, a strategic marketing company, has released a free eBook useful to small business owners, which contains 40 pages of common mistakes and how to avoid them in order to keep any small business operational. Just sign up for their free e-mail newsletter to receive the book. Why Most Small Businesses Fail: How to Avoid the Seven Deadly Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make, is available for free download from Functional Marketing and does not skimp on the tips. "Many people who start a business just don't understand the fundamentals," said Dave Smith, CEO. "The biggest problems stem from wrong beliefs about starting and running a business. It's not enough to have a good product and work hard. You have to work hard on the right things." Books providing small business aid is one thing but securing loan payments from the ever-tightening grasp of U.S. banks is another. Kiva.org, a microlending website is contributing to helping small businesses by establishing a new program which offers micro-loans to U.S. small businesses with the greatest needs.