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It's Time for Small Business to Go Mobile

Published on Jul 12, 2011


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Smartphones, tablets and laptops have made it increasingly easier to for small business owners to communicate with their employees. A new study by The Business Journals finds 71 percent of small and mid-sized businesses are “mobile businesses,” allowing for employees to produce in or out of the office. Of those surveyed, 59 percent believe that such technology is vital to their success, and the facts back it up. Sales at mobile companies ($10.8 million), almost doubled sales of those who are not mobile ($5.7 million). The study found that 64 percent of mobile small and mid-sized business owners spend more than eight hours per day on their computer, smartphone, or iPad connected to their business. Thirty-eight percent even spend up to 11 hours on their devices per day. Spending all of that time on their devices, small business owners want the best product. According to the International Business Times, Apple’s iPhone is the cream of the crop. They believe that what sets the iPhone apart is Apple’s App Store, which has approximately 425,000 apps from Apple and third-party developers. Another superior aspect of the iPhone is iOS, Apple’s operating system. iPhone users have multiple ways to wield their iPhone, including the swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse-pinch, which allow for easy use.