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Merchant-friendly Daily Deals from Everybodybuys.com

Published on Jul 19, 2011


Read 'Merchant-friendly Daily Deals from Everybodybuys.com' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.
Websites like Groupon and Living Social charge small businesses a hefty fee for their daily deals. Everybodybuys.com aims to help merchants by allowing them to keep the full profit on the deal provided. Instead of charging a fee to small businesses, Everybodybuys.com charges consumers a small fee to purchase a deal. This allows small businesses to keep the full profit when consumers redeem their coupon. “It’s just not sustainable in a lot of cases to be giving up that much money, which is why we created the 'Buy Here, Save There' program,” said Mitch Sibonney, partner of Everybodybuys.com. Social media plays a huge role for Everybodybuys.com. According to the company’s Web site, they follow a policy similar to Groupon called collective buying. Collective buying means there is a minimum amount of sales Everybodybuys.com must make for a particular deal in order for it to become valid. Because of collective buying, Everybodybuys.com relies heavily on their consumers to spread the word on social media about a deal they are attempting to purchase. If the minimum amount of sales are not met on a particular deal, no one receives it. If you're a small business looking to offer a great deal and spread the word about your company, Everybdybuys.com might be a good fit for your marketing and sales campaign.