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New Services Making Marketing Easier for Small Businesses

Published on Jul 20, 2011


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Small businesses can now receive contract-free online marketing services from Goliath Marketing & Advertising. Featuring the option for online purchasing with competitive prices, Goliath is offering many new services to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Contract-free services are an attempt to please the customer without binding them in a commitment. Recently opening a small business division, Goliath will offer services that cater to a small business budget, and the restraints that go with it. “We understand that the small business owners’ budget is a primary factor when considering what marketing strategy to use,” said Qiana Jones, CEO of Goliath. “That being said, small businesses are the meat of our economic recovery and deserve to have the same marketing opportunities as Fortune 500 companies.” Another recent development simplifying marketing for small businesses is the launch of Nimble’s Social Business app, in the Google Apps Marketplace. Nimble eases small businesses into marketing by bringing sales support, content management and social networking together in one online tool. Utilizing LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, Nimble helps small businesses build social relationships with their customers. Nimble also has a website lead capture form that assists small businesses in seeking out other potential sales opportunities.