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Small Businesses Still Suffering Data Loss

Published on Jul 21, 2011


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Recent disasters across the nation have devastated many small businesses without data backup. In a recent survey conducted by Carbonite, a leading provider of online backup solutions, it was found that 48 percent of small businesses with two to twenty employees have been affected by data loss. New technology such as the cloud has become the safest means of data backup, however many small businesses cannot afford it. “Too many providers have priced online backup at a level that is simply not appropriate for the way SMBs budget,” said Peter Lamson, general manager of small business for Carbonite. According to the survey, external hard drives are the most popular means for data backup, with 41 percent of small businesses using them. In addition, 31 percent of small business owners say spending time on data backup is a distraction that keeps them away from their work. Creating a new product to prevent data loss, GlobalSCAPE, a leading developer of secure exchange solutions, recently launched CuteBackup that features automated backup routines, a selective restore function and Windows compatibility. William Buie, GlobalSCAPE Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says CuteBackup is a simple and affordable way to protect data for small businesses.