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Small Businesses Can Fight Against Drug Use

Published on Jul 25, 2011


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Always looking to fight drug use and crime, the United States government appreciates all efforts to help those who grow up while surrounded by a cloud of drug use and criminal activity. The White House recently recognized Milwaukee-based nonprofit small business, Safe & Sound, for their dedication to reducing drug use and rebuilding neighborhoods. “This program is a unique, effective and shining example of how community efforts can reduce drug use and its consequences,” said Gil Kerlikowske, White House director of national drug control policy. President Barack Obama referenced the Milwaukee small business in his National Drug Control Strategy. Barbara Notestein, executive director of Safe & Sound, says that her entity is the only one nationwide and hopes to spread her idea across the country. While Safe & Sound is a small business fighting against drug abuse, it has been found small businesses are most vulnerable to drug and alcohol abuse by employees, according to EasySmallBusinessHR.com. According to the web site, small businesses are least likely to test for drug abuse, and about 90 percent of employees with alcohol or illegal drug dependence work for small or medium-sized businesses. The website encourages small businesses to create their own drug-free workplace programs.