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Hiring in Small Businesses is Slowly Coming Around

Published on Jul 26, 2011


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Small business hiring numbers have increased since last year, however job creation continues to grow at a cautious pace. CareerBuilder’s nationwide survey of more than 1,400 small businesses shows that small businesses and large businesses are hiring at different speeds. In small businesses with 50 or less employees, hiring full-time, permanent staff has increased 14 percent — raising the number to 20 percent. However, small businesses are moving slower than large businesses. Forty-six percent of larger businesses are now hiring full-time, permanent employees — up 38 percent from last year. “There was a chill effect on confidence levels coming out of the recession, and small businesses are still waiting to see how the market will unfold before committing to fully expanded staffs,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. To recover from the recession, many have stated that the economy needs millions of jobs to be formed, which may take some time given that June saw an increase of just 18,000 more jobs created. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, small business owners continue to be pessimistic about the economy. That pessimism reflects in the numbers, while larger businesses seem to have more faith in the economy turning around.