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Online Marketing Assistance for Small Businesses

Published on Jul 28, 2011


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Search Engine Optimization and social media have become a staple in the marketing schemes of many small businesses. Integrating SEO and social media marketing, Optify — the leading provider of online marketing software and service for the Real Time Web — launched a new Basic Edition designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses. “We get everything we need for our online marketing campaigns in one single product, no more juggling across different applications,” said Jonathan Saad, president and CEO at BlueCosmo, a sales and rental source for satellite phones, pagers and accessories. Offering page optimization, link tracking, Twitter for business, and more, the Basic Edition of Optify is able to handle all of the online marketing needs of a small business. Optify also can track 250 keywords and includes one global search engine. Another great, inexpensive resource is Tom Heatherington's SEO and Social Media Marketing Guide. Tom is an online marketing consultant, and he's cut the price the Kindle and online versions of his bookby 75 percent. Heatherington compares a website that has not been optimized to a business that has an unlisted phone number. The SEO and Social Media Marketing Guide outlines how to utilize SEO and social media marketing in simple terms to help businesses instantly improve its brand.