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Small Business Growth: Tracking Your Advertising and Marketing

Published on Jul 29, 2011


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Many small business owners are unsure of how well their advertising is working. To shed some light on these issues for small business owners, eBridge Advertising a leading online ad agency with more than 40,000 customers surveyed more than 13,000 small business owners on a multitude of business issues. The survey was created by eBridge to determine the need for what it calls Performance Advertising. Measuring dollars per response to advertising, as well as recording how many calls, walk ins or website visits, are aspects of performance advertising. The survey found 63 percent of small businesses don't know how many customers they gain through every $100 worth of advertising. Another 64 percent said customer phone calls are the best way to measure the effectiveness of their advertising. So, how can small businesses start getting clear, accurate answers? For starters, they can attend BIA/Kelsey's Summit for Directional Media Strategies 2011 (DMS '11), which will discuss the latest forms of small business marketing and advertising. “SMB marketers now require a complex mix of products and services to drive leads, measure performance, manage customer relationships and engage customers,” said Chairman Charles Laughlin, senior vice president and program director, BIA/Kelsey. The DMS ‘11 program will give attendees the opportunity to hear from more than 50 senior executives in the small business marketing field.