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Google Plus and its Effect on Small Business

Published on Aug 1, 2011


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Small businesses want to find a way set themselves apart from competitors. One way to stand out is to integrate Google Plus into social media initiatives and become active on the new social media platform. Konrad Kafarski, CEO of Special K Enterprises, an independent consulting firm, says Google Plus is the best way to gain the attention small businesses need to grow in this economy. Google Plus’ Circle function gives social media mangers the ability to talk to customers, one-on-one, which allows companies to learn about their customers. The Circle function is also a way for users to interact with others on a personal or private level. To further inform small businesses on Google Plus, Forbes composed a list of items small businesses must know about Google Plus. According to the website, Google Plus is Google’ answer to Facebook, but with a much simpler and better privacy management interface. Also akin to Facebook, Google Plus allows users to share links with the +1 button, meaning that the link contains quality information. Google Plus is poised to impact SEO with the use of the +1 button. Many believe links with more +1 clicks will show up higher in search results.