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Social Media Marketing Tips from Sonia Simone @ Copy Blogger

Published on Aug 31, 2011


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http://www.bizfilings.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/SocialMediaMarketing.jpgIn her recent copyblogger article, The 7 Essential Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing, Sonia Simone shares some great tips on how improve your social media — from Facebook, to your blog, to your Web site SEO. The following is an overview of her article, which helps clarify the often confusing and ambiguous world of social media marketing. Click here to read Sonia's entire article. “How are savvy businesses using social media effectively to find more customers, boost their reputations and make more sales? Here are the seven essentials that will turn your social media marketing from an annoying time-waster to an effective bottom-line booster.”

1. Get your home base together: Your home base is your blog or web site. It’s on a domain you own. You control the user experience — from the content to the site design to the user interface.

2. Who’s the face of your business? If you want to use social networking platforms like Twitter, Google+, or Facebook, you need a human face to make your social media marketing work.

3. Who else has your customers? Social networking platforms were designed to make it easy and fun for people to hang out together. That means you’re going to use them to build relationships that will help your business.

4. Pick a primary platform. Again, think about where your customers are. If you love Twitter but your customers spend hours every day on Facebook, you need to recognize that Facebook is probably a better venue for your business. It may not be as fun for you — but that’s why they call it work.

5. Manage your time. If you don’t decide how much time and focus you’ll put into social media, the default will be “all of it.”

6. Content first, conversation second. You’ve been told again and again by social media 'experts' that your entire business should revolve around something called 'The Conversation.' But if it feels like goofing around all day instead of working, it probably is.

7. Don’t forget SEO. Too many people think that social media sharing means they don’t need SEO any more. The fact is, social media marketing is a superb complement to SEO.”

Copyblogger.com is a great free resource for insight into “online marketing that works.” Check out their blog for articles on copywriting, SEO, internet marketing and more. Business Blogs blog