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Creating a Vision Board: A Tool for New Year's Resolutions

Published on Jan 5, 2012


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VisionBoardEvery January, millions of people make New Year's resolutions. Most of the time, these are either verbal or written resolutions. But there's another powerful way to set your goals for the upcoming year — a vision board.

What is a Vision Board?

More than a simple craft project, vision boarding is a tool that helps us craft the life and business we want. “A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.” — makeavisionboard.com What’s great about vision board, which is essentially a collage, is that it’s something you can place in a prominent spot in your home or office (or both) and easily refer to it on a daily basis. Being Mindful is the Key If we’re mindful when we’re creating our boards, and mindful each day when we review them, we’re filling our heads with positive input that’s both relevant and specific to us. Muhammad Ali once said, “what you are thinking about, you are becoming.” He was right. What we’re thinking about will affect what we talk about. What we talk about affects the actions we take each day which ultimately shapes our reality. The more we align our thoughts with our goals, the more likely it is for us to act on them and ultimately accomplish them. What You’ll Need to Make a Vision Board
  • Every person making a board will need a poster-sized piece of foam core or oak tag. What’s nice about foam core is that it lays flat and is more durable than oak tag, but either will suffice.
  • A collection of images from magazines, photo albums, the internet, books — or anything else — that represents what you would like to attain. Whether it’s good health, or a healthy bank account balance, the images you choose should be meaningful, and clear, to you.
  • You’ll also need scissors, glue or glue stick, markers, tape, or other scrap booking supplies you might like to use.
  • Most importantly, you’ll need to take some time to think about exactly what you want your business and life to look like. Without a crystal-clear vision of what you want to manifest, your vision board won’t have much value or impact.
Happy New Year, and good luck with your vision boards. Business Blogs