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Don't Judge Your Small Business Based on the State of the Economy

Published on Jan 13, 2012


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Small-Business-State-of-the-EconomyIf you're an entrepreneur, or a small business owner,  it might be tempting to run your business based on the state of the economy. When the economy is bad, there can be a tendency to want to play it safe in the decisions a small business owner makes. This is true across the board — from products, to marketing, to the types of people that are hired. Playing it safe, especially in a poor economic climate, may seem like the best way to help your small business survive. The problem is that safe thinking leads to products and services that are merely acceptable. But when customers are being more careful than ever with how they spend their money — they're looking for something that's exceptional, not acceptable. Survival mode rarely leads to innovation or growth. Instead it leads to mediocrity, because fear of making a mistake leads to ultra-conservative decisions. I'm not saying to throw caution to the wind, but settling for acceptable when you're capable of exceptional is never a good idea. Nor is it the most fun, profitable or fulfilling choice. There's no doubt that there's a higher volume of work and effort involved with reaching exceptional. But the results are worth it — for your customers, your employees, your bottom line and the future of your company. It's time to move your small business out of survival, and into exceptional. Business Blogs blog