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How to Name a Business: The Importance of Branding

Published on Feb 8, 2012


Read our article, 'How to Name a Business: The Importance of Branding' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.

What's in a Name?

Years ago, some companies would name a business that began with ABC or 123, so they'd be at the beginning of a yellow pages listing. It wasn't a good idea then, and it's still not. Why? Because names like ABC Plumbing aren't memorable, nor are they descriptive of one's company. When you're thinking about how to name a business, it's important to take the time to consider a few key questions to help you arrive at the right choice. Remember, your company name is the first of many branding decisions that will either add to, or take away from, the image and ultimate success of your business. Six Basic Questions to Ask Before You Name a Business:
  1. What are the main benefits of the products or services my company offers, and how can I have this be evident in my company name?
  2. Is there a single, meaningful benefit I can highlight that's shared among all products/services?
  3. Do I want my customers or clients to perceive the company as cool, techie, serious, smart, funny, snarky? In other words, what type of image do I want to imbue into the minds of my customers?
  4. Should my company name be directly attached to me? If I'm a designer (even if I'm not famous yet), I'm going to want my products to be synonymous with me.
  5. Will the company name I choose lend itself to compelling branding — both in content and aesthetically? I want my products, Website and business cards (to name a few things) to engage and connect with customers and potential customers.
  6. Is my company name simple and easy to "get," or is it complicated? Simple sticks.
Some of these questions may be hard to gauge so early in the process, but discussing these points with a trusted group of friends or business associates can help you effectively name a business — as well as define your company's branding in a multitude of ways. The last thing you want to do is form a company with a boring business name, or one that has a negative connotation that you didn't notice yourself. You'll also want to ask your trusted group if the name you've chosen is engaging and relevant to them. State Name Check Once you've decided on potential names, it's time to see if it's available in the state you want to incorporate. We offer a free service called State Name Check, which is a preliminary check to see if your preferred name choice is available. All information is kept confidential, and there's no commitment to incorporate your business with BizFilings. Results will be e-mailed to you within two business days. Click here to see if your preferred business name is available. Please note that a name check conducted before the incorporation documents are submitted is considered preliminary. The final determination of availability rests with the state, once the state has reviewed your incorporation documents and business purpose. We're Here to Help Whether you need assistance with a state name check, or have questions about forming a business, feel free to give our customer service team a call between 8am and 7pm CST, at 800-981-7183. You can also visit our Contact Us page to speak with us via Live Chat during the same days and times. Or, send us an e-mail anytime. We’re always happy to help. Business Blogs blog