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Part 3 - Promote Your Business with $0 Budget: Using PR

Published on Apr 2, 2012


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By Brooke Miller Hall We’ve recently shown how public relations can benefit your business and shared some popular, cost-free tactics. Now let’s highlight when it’s best to use public relations – and when to think twice.  

When to use PR

  • New products or services
When you tell the public about your new product or service, make sure to highlight the benefits to them. How will this product make someone safer, smarter or more efficient? Be careful not to sound too sales-like.  
  • Milestones and anniversaries
Did your company just celebrate a decade in business? Did you grow to become the largest woman-owned business in your county? Did you add a new location or expand your operating territory?  
  • Promotions and new hires
Introduce your new hires and recently promoted employees to the community with a press release. Make sure to include a photo and post the announcement on your Web site, too.  
  • Tips, advice or expertise
Show that you’re an expert in your field by sharing knowledge with clients and potential clients. Focus on what’s most important to your audience.    

When to think twice about using PR

  • When you need a completely controlled message
If you want 100 percent control over what is said or printed about your company, you’ll need to purchase advertising.  
  • When you really want advertising
Your two-page news release could get edited down to two sentences in the newspaper. A news release can’t take the place of advertising and vise versa. For an effective marketing strategy, use both.  
  • In sticky situations
Public relations is an excellent tactic for sharing your side of the story in a negative or sensitive situation – but consult both your lawyer and a professional PR practitioner first. If your business is at risk, it’s time to get some help.   When done thoughtfully and strategically, public relations can boost your profits, retention and your reputation.