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The Perfect Wave

Published on Feb 4, 2013


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The surfer spends a lifetime searching for the perfect wave. The jazz musician is forever chasing that ideal solo. And entrepreneurs seek the perfect business plan, the perfect marketing strategy, the perfect investment scenario. The problem? There is no perfect wave. It exists only as an ideal. Whether or not that ideal is an actual reality that our perceptions can only strive to reach, or it’s simply created in our own minds is a matter for philosophical discussion. But one thing is for sure. Waiting to take action until you reach perfection will leave you waiting around forever.

Chase the Pot of Gold

Realize that you’ll never reach perfection in any endeavor, but strive toward it nonetheless. Focus on improving yourself and your business every day, getting closer and closer to you ideals. Make a list of goals and take time every day to perform actions that are contributing to the realization of these goals. Monitor your improvement in tangible ways and stay focused on your personal development. Tweak your methods so they become more effective. The wisest among us realize how little they truly know, and that the learning process never ends. In fact, by spotlighting your constant improvement, you’ll notice that the idea of perfection keeps receding into the distance, allowing for even more growth.

Enjoy the Beach

Though there may be no perfect wave to ride, that’s no reason not to enjoy the sun and the surf. Take the time to look around and take pleasure in the sights. By keeping a positive attitude and genuinely enjoying yourself, even in times of duress, you’ll not only maintain your sanity, but increase your productivity and efficacy. You’ll also attract and influence other positive people around you, growing your network and increasing your opportunities.

Take Action Now

Don’t ever fail to take action because you haven’t reached some idealized position. Since you’ll never reach it in the first place, you’ll be stuck in a steady state of inaction. Highly successful people got to where they are by struggling to build their foundation, making mistakes, attempting the impossible, and refusing to give up. Nobody starts off with all the answers, and even the wisest still have trouble answering them. The best way to grow is to put yourself in uncomfortable positions and learn from the situations directly. Jump in the deep end of the pool and force yourself to swim.

Never Settle

Of course, some people have the opposite problem of obsessing over unattainable perfection. These people reach a goal, become comfortable in their position, and settle into what they deem as “success.” A settler’s philosophy has no place in the mind of an entrepreneur. Today’s business world is full of stargazers and dream catchers, and settlers will be left behind in the dust. Once you reach a goal, set a new one. Once you find success, seek out more. Always challenge yourself and you’ll keep your mental and physical gears in peak condition. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matthew Toren is an Award Winning Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Investor. He Co-Founded YoungEntrepreneur.com along with his brother Adam. Matthew is co-author of the newly released book: Small Business, Big Vision: “Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right” and also co-author of Kidpreneurs.