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Registering a Company Can Be Simple!

Published on May 10, 2013


Did you know a registered agent is required when you incorporate a business, do business in multiple states or work from home?
Did you know a registered agent is required when you incorporate a business, do business in multiple states or work from home? Meet one of BizFiling’s incorporation registered agents, Brenna Lutter, and learn how she helps navigate entrepreneurs through the weeds of incorporating and managing a business. Q: How would you describe your role as a registered agent, and how does it bring value to entrepreneurs who are just getting started? A: My role is to guide and teach.  Entrepreneurs have a beautiful vision of their company but are not always aware of what is required.  The knowledge I have gained by working for BizFilings enables me to help a variety of business owners maintain their statutory requirements. Q: What are some of the trickiest procedures you might guide an entrepreneur through? / What is the biggest challenge facing today’s entrepreneurs? A: Notices of Litigation, which is the first initiation of a lawsuit, and Annual Reports can be difficult for the average business owner to navigate.  The biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs is just being able to manage all the requirements from all the different departments including, Secretary of State, Unemployment, Department of Revenue, etc. Q: What does your day-to-day activity look like? A: My day consists of a little bit of everything!  I make/ take calls and email clients, process litigation documents, handle Annual Report filings and notifications going to the clients, process registered agent mail, run payments for renewals, and answer questions from customer service representatives about business compliance issues. Q: What is the best piece of advice you’d recommend to business owners who are starting up? A: Get educated on your specific state requirements! Q: Is starting a company today easier or harder than five years ago? A: Filing in general has become easier as many states have adopted online filing. On the other hand, the type of industry and the geographical area the business is located can really make a difference in how easy or hard it is to start a business. Overall, the steps to incorporating are simple! Q: How has technology changed your experience in performing the tasks of a registered agent, and where could it still improve? A: BizFilings has always been an online company.  The challenges we face are being able to keep up with the changing technology. When I started 6 years ago, everything from filing to client communication was manual. Now, nearly every transaction is automated, which makes filing more efficient and quicker.