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When to Outsource Your Call Center

Published on Oct 1, 2013


Feel like you’re on the phone all day? It may be time to outsource your call center.
outsource your call centerFeel like you’re on the phone all day? It may be time to outsource your call center. If you’re business requires appointment coordination or survey administration, outsourcing may be what you need to focus on other business projects. While relinquishing some of your business control may seem overwhelming at first, it can be a huge weight off your shoulders if you find a good partner to work with. Before choosing to outsource your call center it is important to establish goals and objectives. A key part of a successful outsourcing project is to identify opportunities for improvement in your company’s customer relationship management practices and to include those in your business requirements. Additionally, when establishing goals for your call center it is important to link them to your company’s mission, vision and goals. It is also important to have a performance measurement and management strategy in place when selecting a call center. An effective system of performance measures allows a call center to: • review the call center operation as a whole; • review the performance of each employee; • analyze performance trends; • investigate the root cause(s) of problems; • optimize the use of call center resources; and • support strategic plans and objectives. There is also value in finding a call center that has experience in your industry. However, while related experience is a valuable asset, it’s not an absolute requirement. It is also important to find a call center that’s able to match your caller’s needs and preferences. This includes the actual technology as well as adequate monitoring and reporting processes to ensure you can maintain standards of service.  Also, you’ll want to make sure that the outsourcing company is a reputable, established organization before engaging in business with them. Think about your doctor’s office or favorite spa – how are their call centers handled from a customer perspective? Do you find you appreciate an actual human on the other end or do you prefer an automated response? If you haven’t already, start thinking like your customers and you’ll be better suited to deliver what they need. Once you’ve communicated with a select call center, it is important that you be assigned your own account manager who will be able to provide you with statistics and reports so you can track progress. By selecting the best call center for your company’s sales purposes you can begin to reap the benefits of outsourcing, which includes re-focusing on core competencies, achieving flexibility and scalability, gaining access to expertise and technology, and examining and reducing operating expense levels.