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What Personal Branding Means for Your Business

Published on Oct 29, 2013


Personal branding is key for any business. Find out how you can connect with your customers and create lasting impressions with branding.
It’s no surprise that having a recognizable brand is essential to successful business. But what if that brand wasn't just an image, but an actual person - someone that your customers felt they could rely on and connect with? And how could that kind of image benefit your company? That's where personal branding comes in.   While traditional branding creates an image for a company, product or group, personal branding places the focus of the brand on the business owner to make a lasting impression among customers and your community.   While thinking of yourself as a brand might take some getting used to, it is a tactic that has potential for big future payoffs . To start the personal branding process, determine  the public image that you want for your brand. Much of this will be determined by the nature of your incorporated business - do you want to convey an upbeat, companionable attitude? Or would a more conservative tone be a better fit to attract your clients? It is important to stick with one image and strive to convey it in everything you do. This includes your public appearance, the tone of your website and blog and the interactions you have with people on a daily basis.   Above all, make sure your brand’s messaging is consistent across all your public channels, including social media, website and in-store collateral. From new products and ad campaigns to customer service and online interactions, every aspect of your business should work to solidify and support the image you've created for yourself and your company. The goal is to make your personal brand synonymous with the niche of your business.   Building a strong personal brand also benefits your company by: - Setting your company apart from the competition - Making your business more visible through your individual presence in the community - Establishing reliability through showcasing your expertise   Branding can make or break your business’ bottom line. It’s important to take time to consider all aspects of your external image to ensure that it’s not only in line with your mission, but also something you feel confident you will stand by for the lifetime of your business as it grows. Personal Branding!