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5 Great Entrepreneur Documentaries

Published on Nov 21, 2013


Below are 5 great entrepreneur documentaries to check out, whether you’re just starting a business or if you are a seasoned business owner.
5 great entrepreneur documentaries As an entrepreneur, you are constantly in a state of perpetual exploration of the latest methods to develop your business. If you crave some amusement in your search, a documentary movie might be your channel. Below are 5 great entrepreneur documentaries to check out, whether you’re just starting a business or if you are a seasoned business owner. 1. Freakonomics: The Movie Six top documentarians undertake a film version of Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner’s successful novel which correlates seemingly unconnected events with surprising statistics. The filmmakers interlace various accounts by asking the question: What truly causes people to do what they do? The responses are engaging and frequently astonishing. It isn’t just interesting, but inspiring to discover the power that companies and ideas do have the power to change behavior. 2. Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos This movie outlines the unruly, and failed, North American Soccer League team retained by Steve Ross and Ahmet Ertegun. It illustrates that the aptitude to entice maximum talent to your industry cannot be overrated. The Cosmos demonstrated this in 1975 when the fraught team secured the globe’s most admired soccer icon, Pele, with a $5 million agreement. Instantaneously, this remarkable team member made the team a media and New York City favorite, leading them to a 1977 championship game in the presence of 77,691 enthusiasts in Giants Stadium. The moral of the story is that if you employ the greatest, your business has the ultimate shot at becoming its finest. 3. Standing in the Shadows of Motown This movie shares the untold tale of Detroit’s Motown Records and The Funk Brothers, who performed backup for all of the well-known Motown singers.. The Funk Brothers were accountable for more top successes than Elvis, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Rolling Stones combined. Although it was the famed Motown performers who got most of the praise for singing melodies, it was The Funk Brothers remaining silently in the obscurities laying down the harmonization all along. The message of this film is that it is a chief precedence to position amazing individuals in your industry’s high profile decision-making situations. But, it is just as vital to supervise the less noticeable backing spots with talented persons. 4. Ayn Rand: In Her Own Words This film  is a thorough compilation of discussions and interpretations from leading objectivist novelist Ayn Rand. Rand imparts her theoretical opinions on the influence of individual thinking. She trusts that motive should be a human being’s lone drive to achievement. The idea is that Rand’s arguments will prompt you to keep calm throughout your prevalent trials; allowing you to center on a rational resolution. 5. The Call of the Entrepreneur This documentary illustrates the varied and moving accounts of a merchant banker, a dairy agriculturalist, and an immigrant from communist China. These diligent entrepreneurs all conquer hardship with originality and ingenuity. It is a continual telling of inspiring accounts. This film preaches that, despite disappointment, all the modern entrepreneur needs is motivation to continue.