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What Business Owner Type Are You?

Published on Nov 26, 2013


BizFilings surveyed 1,110 small business owners and created an infographic to help you decipher your business owner type.

Are you a soloist, mountain climber, or lemonade stand entrepreneur?

This November, BizFilings posed the question "What Business Owner Type Are You?" and surveyed 1,110 small business owners. We used the results to create a fun infographic to help you decipher which type of business owner you are! Turns out, most small business owners consider themselves Soloists, striving for independence! 43% of respondents considered themselves Soloists while 31% saw themselves as The Lemonade Stand Kid, driven by passion. Closely behind was The Mountain Climber at 26% who focus on the bottom line. What type of business owner type are you? Check out our facebook post to see how other business owners answered. business owner type