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Pinterest - Pin Your Business!

Published on Dec 5, 2013


Pinterest is a great way for you to share your brand visually, and encourage others to share with their individual communities.
pinWith so much talk in the news about how businesses are focusing on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, it seems that Pinterest is being somewhat overlooked in the business world. A common misconception surrounding Pinterest is that it is just a social network for do-it-yourself-ers to share their latest ideas and project. Unbeknownst to many business people, Pinterest is a great way for you to share your brand visually, and encourage others to share with their individual communities. We have pulled together 4 essential tips to help you effectively use Pinterest as a business owner. 1. Make it easy to pin things from your website. Many websites have widgets or buttons that enable easy sharing of content on Facebook and Twitter – we recommend employing the same tactic for Pinterest. This will allow visitors to your site the ability to pin a product they like to one of their own personal boards with just the click of a button. Once a product is pinned on a customer’s board, it can be re-pinned to any of their follower’s boards – giving you free and easy advertising for your business! 2. Brand your pins. With the ability of easily sharing and re-sharing your business’ products, you want to make sure your business is actually receiving credit. Make sure to brand any photos you are sharing on Pinterest with your company logo so it easy for viewer to know where the product came from and so your business receives credit. Brand photos posted on your business’ website as well for when visitors pin items directly from your site. 3. Give back. Pinning other members’ content can help you broaden your reach and potentially secure new customers by showing your commitment to knowledge transfer. Just be sure that you pin appropriately – relate it somehow back to your business goals or brand message. For example, if you own a furniture store, repin local designers and their content to show support and reach their followers. It’s also a smart idea to stray away from cross-sharing competitor pins, so to not confuse your Pinterest audience of your place in the market. 5. Create exclusive offers. You can pin images sharing exclusive offers with your Pinterest followers. This will increase the number of followers you have on Pinterest because people will want access to your “Pinterest exclusive” deals. Followers are also likely to repin these offers so they can share them with their friends – bringing in new business for you!