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A New Solution: Empowering Teachers to Lead and Inspire

Published on Apr 1, 2015

Katherine Jettson founder of JettPak seeks KivaZip fundingShe has a habit of turning unfortunate things into good things. This time around, Katherine Jetton, the CEO and Founder of JettPakk, Inc., is making a positive change in the lives of struggling children and challenged teachers. We talked with Katherine about her new company, her inspiration for building it, and some funding choices in bringing her solutions to a larger audience. What we learned were some pretty amazing aspects about JettPakk and its role in changing the game for teachers and students. The JettPakk Difference Where JettPakk really makes a difference is in helping teachers develop students into life-long learners and self-motivated leaders. It empowers a teacher to become a Transformational Leader – inspiring kids to unleash their learning potential – instead of a Transactional Leader.

“We see so many other professions, apart from teaching, where people have resources to help them do their jobs and fulfill their personal missions. Teachers often care deeply about their students, but lack the classroom management resources needed to maintain control of the class.”

JettPakk’s classroom-management tools help equip teachers to really “reach” each child. It provides key resources to help maintain classroom control and lead the class into a life-long journey of learning, growth and achievement. How does she do this? The JettPakk learning techniques serve to educate students’ hearts, as well as their minds, and focus on balanced, validated learning over “instructing” kids to perform certain actions.

“We give dedicated teachers who are thinking of leaving teaching a better choice: resources to get your class on back on track. JettPakk is designed to help teachers engage, motivate, and inspire students to work hard to achieve personal goals.”

Early Beginnings: Her Inspiration for JettPakk Like many other business owners, Katherine has had her share of overcoming challenges.

“My first month in teaching was really hard. It is incredibly disappointing to work so hard to reach your students and then feel as if they are taking over the controls, not responding positively, and ultimately, not learning or growing. Fortunately, I was able to figure it out.”

As it turned out, Katherine’s students outscored their peers by 25% on the semester district exam. In her second year, though, the challenges increased: an 8th grade class had been without a teacher for 2 months due to health, and, the school would lose funding if they did not pass their test. Using the techniques that inspired JettPakk, Katherine was able to turn things around: The students passed and the school kept its funding. Although she had figured it out, though, she soon realized that other teachers were not implementing the techniques she had been using to turn things around. What would happen to her students in years to come? Would they continue to grow and develop or would they “lapse” back to old ways?

I want to share and support other teachers who want to be great teachers, but do not yet have the right resources to get there.”

And today we have JettPakk. New Horizons and Next Steps Getting JettPakk up and running, however, is only the beginning. Having done some pilots, a very important next step for the business is to support its leadership development program.

“To help support this development, I am actively involved in the Kiva Zip-BizFilings partnership. The 0% interest loan will be super-helpful in building out the program to help propel positive results for teachers and students.”

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