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Rhode Island Adds New Grounds for Revoking Domestic and Foreign Corporations and LLCs

Jun 21, 2019, 22:00 PM by User Not Found

House Bill 5646, effective July 1, 2019, authorizes the Rhode Island Secretary of State to (1) revoke the articles of incorporation of a domestic corporation or certificate of authority of a foreign corporation upon receiving notice from the Department of Taxation that the corporation has failed to pay the business corporation tax imposed by Sec. 44-11-2 for one year after it is due and payable and (2) revoke the certificate of organization of a domestic LLC or certificate of registration of a foreign LLC after receiving notice from the Division of Taxation that the LLC has failed to pay the annual charge imposed by Sec. 17-16-67 for one year after it is due and payable.

The bill also authorizes the tax administrator, after July 15 of each year, to make up a list of all corporations and LLCs that have filed to pay the tax or charge for one year and the Secretary of State to initiate revocation proceeding upon receipt of the list.

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