Industry-Specific Business Guides

What Licensing Does a Business Need?

Whether you are starting a new business or running an existing business, considerations and requirements may vary by industry. We selected key industries and outlined important licensing, permit and tax registration actions every business owner should take to avoid costly penalties and fees.

Retail / Online

Merchant, Temporary Vendor, & Second-Hand Dealer

Learn about the license and tax registrations for starting and running retail and online businesses.

Construction / Contractor

General Contractor, Specialty, & Home Improvement

Learn about the special considerations for starting and running a construction and other contractor businesses.

Hospitality / Restaurant

Food Production, Mobile Food Vendor, & Food Service

Learn about the unique requirements for starting and running a restaurant and other food service businesses.

General Licensing

Basic Licensing, Payroll, & Sales and Use Tax Registration

Answer a few questions and our Business License Wizard will determine the license and tax applications you need.