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Four Steps to Be Successful in Your Small Business

Jun 21, 2018, 12:32 PM
Join us as we discuss the challenges and steps to success for small, local business owners with Square Sales Specialist Erin Archuleta. Square recently published a survey revealing their findings on what motivates small business owners, as well as the daily challenges they face. She discusses problems with cash flow, why business owners do what they do, as well as four simple steps to ensure success for your small business.
Host: Greg Corombos and Erin Archuleta
Date of podcast: Jun 7, 2018, 16:23 PM
Erin Archuleta, lead seller advocate at Square, joins us to share some eye-opening statistics about small business owners, including a stunning number who work second jobs or don't take a salary.  She also offers helpful advice for business owners concerned about cash flow and and staying on top of all parts of the business.