Managing Cash Flow

Learn about best practices to manage cash flow.

  • Using Cash Flow Surpluses for Investment or to Pay Down Debt

    Once you've improved your cash flow, you'll likely encounter a lovely problem: a cash surplus for your business. Before paying down debt or investing with your extra capital, learn the pros and cons of each.

  • The Relationship Between Accounts Payable and Cash Flow

    The amount of time between making a sale on credit and receiving payment from the customer is critical information you'll need to track carefully.

  • Analyzing the Factors that Affect Your Cash Flow

    Accounts receivable, average collection period, accounts receivable to sales ratio--while you might roll your eyes at all these terms, they're vital to your business. Learn all the important aspects of analyzing and improving your cash flow.

  • The Difference Between Cash Flow and Profit

    The timing of income and expense is imperative. If income exceeds expenses, there will be a profit, but only if there's enough income to cover expenses and keep the business operating as payments come due.

  • How Factoring Can Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow

    When money gets tight for your small business, a factoring company can help you leverage your unpaid accounts receivable to generate needed cash.

  • Financial Analysis of Major Projects

    Before you agree to a major project, a proper financial analysis is a must. Find out which analyses offer the most insight for your situation.

  • Paying Yourself a Fair Wage: Part I

    Part 1 explains the ins and outs of legally maximizing your owner's draw or salary, while not running afoul of the IRS or damaging your business's cash flow.

  • Consider Options to Minimize Operating and Payroll Costs

    Making smart fiscal decisions is a large key to improving your cash flow, but cutting your operating costs is equally important. Discover what outsourced services and operational changes can reduce your operating costs and improve your cash flow.

  • Managing Cash Outflows to Maximize Your Financial Position

    While shortening the collection period can be a helpful strategy, managing your cash outlays represents the other half of optimizing your cash flow. See how you can hang on to your money for longer periods of time without incurring

  • Compensating the Business Owner: Part II

    Part 2 explores the numerous legal and tax-deductible ways a business owner could compensate him- or herself besides the usual salary or owner's draw.

  • Improving Your Average Collection Period

    Wouldn't it be lovely if your customers paid you faster? While it may sound like a pipe dream, consider these methods for improving your average collection period.

  • Steps to Take to Improve Cash Flow Management

    Once you've made your cash inflow and outflow projections and looked at the results, follow these steps to improve your cash flow.

  • Projecting the Timing and Amount of Cash Outflows

    While projecting when your business will receive cash from customers is critical, the flip side of the coin is equally important. Knowing when you'll have to pay out money can give you insight to make the right business decisions.

  • Creating and Using a Cash Flow Budget

    Preparing your cash flow budget will help you project cash inflows and outflows over a specific period of time. Learn how to create a sales forecast for your business with this invaluable budget.

  • Managing and Accounting for Your Inventory

    Managing and accounting for your inventory is one of the most critical functions for a business that maintains an inventory of goods to be sold. Through a variety of free tools, you can streamline your inventory-taking and -management times.

  • Major Purchases and Projects

    When you consider expanding or purchasing expensive equipment, you may put your business in jeopardy or pave the road for expansion. Do the math before you dole out the cash.

  • Establishing Credit Terms for Customers

    Your credit terms set the time limits for your customers' payment on the merchandise or services received. Learn how to create a clear policy delineating when to extend credit to a customer and, if so, how much and for how long.

  • Managing Your Business's Cash Flow

    Creating a reliable cash flow system is vital to the success of any business. Learn how you can maintain enough cash on hand to keep your business solvent and growing.

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