8 Benefits of BizFilings Registered Agent Service

As your registered agent, BizFilings fulfills your state’s legal requirement to have an individual or company receive important legal and tax documents on behalf of your company. Going beyond this requirement, BizFilings also provides a wealth of services at no additional charge.

As your registered agent, we provide:

  1. Experience and expertise. Our family of companies has been helping business owners stay in compliance and in good standing for more than 100 years. We provide nationwide service and are compliance experts who are intimately familiar with the regulations, requirements and deadlines specific to the state or states in which you do business.
  2. Compliance email alerts. Want to be reminded of important deadlines for compliance or tax filings? No problem. We'll send you reminder emails in advance of important compliance events, and you can even add and schedule your own reminders for company events you don't want to forget but don't want to have to remember.
  3. BizComply compliance management tool. Our exclusive, industry-leading online compliance management tool, BizComply, lets you schedule and track all your company and compliance events throughout the year in one convenient place. A customer favorite, this invaluable compliance planning and organization tool also includes a free business forms library and a company dashboard that allows you to view your company's vital information and store important documents. View our BizComply demo.
  4. Registered Agent Watch email. Our monthly Registered Agent Watch email keeps you up-to-date on the status/standing of your business in your state(s), informs of upcoming filing deadlines, offers quick filings for annual reports and other services, and provides useful compliance and marketing tips to help you save time and money and grow your business. View sample.
  5. Speed of service. From immediate notification of Service of Process documents via email to timely forwarding of official documents and tax notices, our responsiveness to your information needs is second to none.
  6. Annual report filing assistance. We will notify you of the annual report due date for your company, and offer to complete and file the report on your company's behalf. (Available in many states.)
  7. Superior customer service. With an average of 4 years of experience, our Registered Agent Team is standing by to serve you by phone, email or live chat, and are happy to help you with any question you have regarding compliance or your account.
  8. 24/7 access to your account. Our secure Online Status Center allows you to view electronic copies of Service of Process documents, update your account, pay renewal invoices and more, conveniently accessible every day, all day.

Get more details about our Registered Agent Service in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) tab of our Registered Agent Service product page. If you would like to change your existing registered agent to BizFilings, please contact us at 800-981-7183. We’d love to fulfill your registered agent and ongoing compliance needs.

Assign a Registered Agent

$199 for 1 year

Includes alerts for franchise tax and annual report filing due dates.