Marketing for Small Business

Learn more about the resources available for marketing.

  • Packaging Helps Attract Customers

    A guide to available packaging options that shows how to pick one that attracts attention by reflecting buyers' values.

  • Advertising Ideas on a Small Budget

    'Advertising Ideas on a Small Budget' gives small business owners tips and advice for maximizing their advertising dollars with effective messages.

  • Product Packaging Must Attract Customers

    People judge books by their covers every day. When it comes to your product's packaging, be sure you're hitting the right points complemented by the right design targeted at the right customers.

  • Public Relations Builds Awareness of Your Business

    Public relations programs can often be created, managed, and executed effectively by small businesses. By taking the time to craft press releaase and to participate in community service activities, a small business can generate significant good will with very little time and effort.

  • Effective Advertising Makes People Remember Your Name

    Effective advertising reaches potential customers and informs them of your products or services. Ideally, advertising should capture the prospective customers attentions attention and entice them to use your product. Regardless of the method, all your advertising should be clear and consistently reflect the unique positioning statement of your business.

  • Customers Can't Buy Your Product If They Don't Know It Exists

    Marketing communications are designed to inform potential customers and to motivate them to purchase your products or make use of your services. Each element of your communications strategy--promotions, advertising and public relations--must be aligned with and support a compelling positioning statement that is unique to your business.

  • Building a Successful Marketing Plan

    In order to succeed, a business needs to develop and execute on a business plan. One of the key elements of the business plan is the marketing plan. Without a plan, you will squander valuable time, money and resources chasing one "bright shiny object" after another, missing potential customers and the opportunity to increase the spend of your current customers.

  • Reach Customers Using Email Marketing

    Email marketing is an ideal way to communicate with your customers. By keeping your business "top of mind," you are likely to increase customer loyalty and increase your sales.

  • Search Engine Optimization Can Drive Results

    Search engine optimization (SEO) requires strategically using some basic techniques to boost your website's ranking in the search results of various search engines. Effectively using keywords (while avoiding over-use), cultivating inbound links from reputable websites and providing XML site maps to the major search engines are three important techniques to learn for boosting search results.

  • Product Pricing Can Spell Difference Between Success and Failure

    While every small business owner wants to charge as much as consumers are willing to pay, you must find the right price you and customers can agree upon.

  • Search Engine Marketing Promotes Your Business Via Paid Ads

    Using paid ads that appear on search engine results is an excellent way to get new customers for your business. You have the ability to control the amount that you will pay based upon which keywords you use, how you want results measured and when the ads display.

  • Successful Companies Master Positioning and Distribution

    Positioning that touches on the unique wants and needs of your customers coupled with effective distribution that delivers your service or product quickly can give your business a distinct and profitable edge.

  • You Must Understand Your Competition

    Do you know who your real competitors are? Learn how to identify key competitors to better position and sell your products or services.

  • Business Success Depends Upon Successful Marketing

    Marketing is more than advertising and selling your products. Marketing addresses all aspects of growing your customer base, and the more you know, the more successful your marketing and your business will be.

  • Grow Your Business by Embracing E-commerce

    E-commerce is not just for big businesses. Many small businesses can increase their revenue by advertising, buying and selling products online. Developing an effective online store, managing internet-based payments and moving customers from shopping to buying is well within the reach of small business owners.

  • Building Your Company Website

    Regardless of how the website is built, you need to understand and follow sound website development guidelines to make sure that website visitors became your customers.

  • Use the Internet to Effectively Market Your Business

    Nearly every business will benefit from having an internet presence. However, before rushing to throw any old content onto the web, take time to create an internet strategy that dovetails into and helps drive your larger marketing and business plans.

  • Generating and Evaluating New Product Ideas

    From brainstorming to screening new ideas all the way through developing prototypes and evaluating their success, every step of the product development life cycle is crucial.

  • Creating Your Internet Presence: Domain Names

    Establishing your company's image and reputation on the world wide web begins with a crucial first step--picking the right URL.

  • Google Search May Force You to Expand Your Social Media Portfolio

    Google's recent entry into the social media wars means that its search results are also changing, and this could affect your business's online profile. Are you ready?

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