Marketing for Small Business

Learn more about the resources available for marketing.

  • Your Target Market: Critical for Business Success

    Do you know who your buyers are? Do you understand why they buy your products or services? If not, now's the time to find out

  • Without Market Research You Will Miss Valuable Opportunities

    While it's tempting to rush to market as your transform your great idea into a reality, a lack of reliable market research can doom your dream. Know your market before you go to market.

  • Online Advertising Can Boost Revenue

    Search engine marketing (SEM) can get your company's name before a huge number of potential customers. By leveraging keywords that describe your business, products and services, you can have text and display ads appear on the search result lists of major search engines. You can extend your marketing reach even further by making prudent use of ad networks.

  • Distribution Methods Affect Bottom Line

    Whether retail, wholesale or business-to-consumer, choosing the right distribution method to complement your product or service can be a boon to your bottom line.

  • Product Development Must Be An Ongoing, Intentional Process

    Developing and refining your product takes you through the step-by-step process of developing new product ideas, testing their viability, creating a product development strategy, building prototypes, and deciding on marketing issues, such as pricing, packaging, promotion and positioning.

  • What's Your Unique Business Idea?

    Differentiating your business from the pack to showing customers why you're the best choice.

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