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UPDATE: Google Has Declared War Against SEO; New Google Search Algorithm Released May 22

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Have you heard the rumors circling around the online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) world? Word on the street is that Google is on the verge of releasing another big algorithm update called, “Penguin 2.0.”

Well, they aren't rumors anymore--they are true.  On May 22, Google released its Penguin update. This update is sure to wreak havoc on search results, and many unfortunate businesses that rely too heavily on SEO traffic could likely become extinct overnight. 

Over the past year Google has effectively declared war and I’ve been predicting all year that SEO as we know it is dead.  Penguin 2.0 is just another assault in Google’s long battle to remove websites not worthy of ranking on the first page of Google.  So if you (or your SEO company) are following what I call “old school SEO” tactics, then consider yourself warned.  Your rankings and traffic will soon be going “bye-bye”…

Why Am I NOT Worried?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a little anxious myself, but I’ve got news for you.  I am not worried one bit about Google updates.   In fact, I’m EXCITED about the new and improved Penguin 2.0!  Here’s why…

Whenever Google makes big update like this, the “good guys and girls,” like me and my clients, always come out on top.  That’s the difference between partnering with Google versus tricking Google to get top search engine rankings.

The Secret To SEO Success?

Google is not shy about their mission.  They want to provide the absolute best experience for their users.  If they fail, then their users will go to another search engine like Yahoo or Bing, and Google will lose advertising revenue.  It’s not rocket science.  Google is a business, after all, and they need to make sure their users continue to turn to to find solutions to their problems (and continue to click on ads to generate revenue for Google).

That’s why you must shift your mindset from trying to trick Google, to partnering with them.  That’s the secret to success with SEO.

How To Rank #1 in Google

So what does it mean to partner with Google? 

By partnering, I mean providing Google’s users with accurate, up-to-date information and solutions to their questions.  If you can do that, then you’ll be well on your way to ranking #1.

It all starts with selecting the right keyword phrases.  Instead of going after hundreds of keyword opportunities at once, start by focusing on the 1 to 10 (max) very best keyword opportunities for your particular business.  Think: Which keywords do you really deserve to rank for?

Next, create the webpage you would want to find at the #1 spot if you were the one searching for your keywords.  What would best satisfy the user and make sure she’s happy with your webpage?  Remember, if Google’s users are not happy with your website, then you’re literally a threat to their business, and it’s only a matter of time before Google kicks you out of their results.

Play It Safe

My advice is to play by Google’s rules if you want to get and stay ranked in Google nowadays.  It’s too risky to do anything that could be perceived as manipulative.  As long as you position your website to be a partner in-line with Google’s mission to provide the best, most relevant information, then you have nothing to worry about when Penguin 2.0 rolls out in the next month or two.  In fact, you should be excited, like me!

About the Author

Phil Frost is co-founder of Main Street ROI, a marketing training and coaching company that helps small businesses succeed with online marketing.  On Thursday, May 30th at 1 pm ET, Phil is co-hosting a webinar with John Duoba of BizFilings Business Owner’s Toolkit called The Death of Old-School SEO and the 5 New Rules to Follow.  Click here to register for this free webinar.

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