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Arizona Laws Relating to Workplace Violence

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A summary of Arizona laws relating to weapons and conduct that impact workplace violence.

It is unlawful to carry a deadly weapon (except a pocket knife) concealed on one's person without a permit or to carry a deadly weapon concealed in a means of transportation without a permit. Unless specifically authorized by law to do so, it is unlawful to carry a concealed deadly weapon in any public establishment or to carry a concealed deadly weapon while attending a public event, if asked to remove the weapon.

Concealed weapons are prohibited (even with a permit) in election polling places on election day, on school grounds and in commercial nuclear generating stations.

A permit is not required to carry a deadly weapon within one's own dwelling or business premises or on real property one owns or leases. The permit requirement does not apply to nonconcealed weapons or weapons being transported in closed area, such as cases, luggage, car trunks or glove boxes within a vehicle.

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