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California Wage and Hour Recordkeeping Requirements

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Employers in California must conform with these state rules relating to wage and hour recordkeeping requirements.

In California, payroll records must be kept for a minimum of three years at a central location in the state or in the plant or establishment where the employees work.

Employers must keep accurate records of the following:

  • employee names, addresses, occupations, and Social Security numbers;
  • birth dates of minors;
  • time records;
  • total wages for the payroll period;
  • total hours worked;
  • applicable pay rates for the payroll period including the value of board, lodging, and other compensation;
  • meal period schedules and split shift intervals; and
  • an explanation of piece rate or incentive plans.

Employers must provide current or former employees, within 21 days of a written or oral request, with a copy, at cost, of their payroll records or allow the employee to inspect those records.

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