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Conducting Criminal Record Checks in Arizona

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Employers in Arizona are permitted or required to conduct criminal record checks in accordance with these rules.

Criminal records checks are required for persons employed in the following agencies and programs:

  • juvenile offender programs
  • children's behavioral health programs
  • developmental disability contract providers and home- and community-based service providers
  • child care facility license applicants, employees and volunteers
  • child care group home certificate applicants, employees and volunteers
  • shelters for victims of domestic violence
  • residential and nursing care institutions and home health agencies
  • school district certificated personnel, personnel without certificates and people who are not paid district employees, and information technology personnel

Fingerprinting is required for criminal background checks as a condition of employment in the following:

  • juvenile probation officers
  • personnel without certificates initially hired by any school district
  • school officers and employees of the state school for the deaf and blind
  • children's behavioral health services employees
  • child care personnel
  • day care group home personnel
  • state-employed juvenile correction facility employees
  • corrections officer and employees
  • social service officers and employees
  • child care program employees

A person is considered employed by the same employer for purposes of the fingerprinting and criminal background check requirements if a home health agency changes ownership through a sale, lease or operation of law, if that person remains employed.

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