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Delaware Rules for Employing Minors

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Employers in Delaware must conform with these state rules relating to the employment of minors.

A minor in Delaware may not work unless the employer has a verified and validated employment certificate for the minor. The certificate must be kept on file at all times and be accessible to the Department of Labor on request.

Work permits (employment certificates) may be issued by the superintendent of each school district or a designee authorized by the superintendent.The age of the minor must be verified by a:

  • certified copy of a birth certificate
  • baptismal certificate (showing the date of birth)
  • school record
  • passport
  • valid driver's license
  • official government document attesting to the minor's age

Permits for Entertainment Professions

The Department of Labor may issue a permit allowing a minor under 16 years of age to work as a model, performer or entertainer for a limited period, when it determines that such permit is justified.

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