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District of Columbia Wage and Hour Recordkeeping Requirements

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Employers in the District of Columbia must conform with these state rules relating to wage and hour recordkeeping requirements.

In the District of Columbia, payroll records must be made, kept and preserved for a minimum of three years, showing for each employee:

  • full name, Social Security number, address, and date of birth;
  • occupation;
  • regular hourly rate of pay;
  • total number of hours worked each workday and workweek;
  • time of day and day of week on which the employee's workweek begins;
  • basis on which wages are paid;
  • a daily record of hours of beginning and stopping work and the hours of beginning and ending the meal recess, if the employee works a split shift;
  • total daily or weekly straight-time earnings and excess overtime earnings for the workweek, or total earnings for nonovertime hours worked during the workweek and total earnings for overtime hours worked during the workweek;
  • total gross and net wages paid each pay period and deductions from and/or additions to wages;
  • date of payment and the pay period covered by the payment; and
  • if the employee is a tipped employee, the application of tips to the minimum wage rate.

If the employee is paid by commission, the employer must also record and retain the following:

  • a notation on the payroll record to readily identify each employee receiving wages based on commission;
  • an indication for each workweek during which the employee's regular rate of pay is in excess of one and one-half times the applicable minimum hourly rate;
  • a copy of the agreement for work on a commission basis; and
  • total compensation paid each pay period showing separately the amount of commission and the amount of noncommission straight-time earnings.

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