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Drug Testing in Arizona

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Drug testing by employers in Arizona is governed by these state rules.

In Arizona, within the terms of a written policy, an employer may require the collection and testing of samples for job-related purposes consistent with business necessity including:

  • investigation of possible individual employee impairment
  • investigation of accidents in the workplace; employees may be required to undergo drug testing or alcohol impairment testing for accidents if the test is taken as soon as practicable after an accident and the test is administered to employees whom the employer reasonably believes may have contributed to the accident
  • maintenance of safety for employees, customers, clients or the public at large
  • maintenance of productivity, quality of products or services or security of property or information
  • reasonable suspicion that an employee may be affected by the use of drugs or alcohol and that the use may adversely affect the job performance or work environment

Employees or groups of employees may be required to undergo drug testing on a random or chance basis.

Taxi, livery and limousine companies in Arizona are required to conduct pre-employment and annual random drug testing of all drivers, including lessees. Employers must maintain the drug testing results, and drivers' records must be made available at all times for inspection by the Department of Weights and Measures as part of the state licensing process.

Drug Testing Notice Requirements

Testing or retesting for the presence of drugs or alcohol by employers must be carried out within the terms of the employer's written drug and alcohol testing policy that has been distributed to every employee subject to testing or that has been made available to employee in the same manner as the employer informs employees of other personnel practices, including inclusion in a personnel handbook or manual or posting in a place accessible to employees.

Prospective employees must be informed that as employees they must undergo drug testing.

An employer may take adverse employment action based on a positive drug or alcohol impairment test, or on the refusal of an employee or prospective employee to provide a sample.

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