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Jury Duty Leave Rules in Alabama

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Alabama employers must provide employees with leave for jury duty in accordance with these state rules.

In Alabama, it is an unfair labor practice for an employer not to excuse employees from work for the days required for jury service. Upon notification, an employee is excused from work for the required number of days to serve as a juror in any federal or state court.

Employers are prohibited from requiring employees who serve on juries to use vacation time or sick leave.

Automatic postponement of jury service is provided if the employer has five or fewer full-time employees and another employee has already been summoned to serve during the same time period. Jurors may also request initial, one-time postponements.

Notice Requirements

Employees must show the summons to jury duty to their immediate superior the next workday after receipt.

Paid time off

Full-time employees are entitled to their usual pay, less the amount received for jury service.

Prohibited Discrimination

Employees may not be discharged solely because of service on a jury, providing they report for work on their next regularly scheduled hour after being dismissed from any jury.

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